Residential Roofing

Advanced Exteriors specializes in shingle roofing.  At Advanced Exteriors, our shingle roofing crews are certified professionals. Although there are many types of shingle roofing systems that are out there, not all are best for your project.  Look below for more information on shingle roofing in the El Paso area.






At Advanced Exteriors, we are all for using a plan and a process that is repeatable.  We believe that if an action can be repeated, it can be perfected. In order to give our clients a premium experience every time, we train and practice at our facility to ensure a repeatable process.


Advanced Exteriors believes in making a promise.  We are not satisfied until you as a customer are satisfied.

We believe that a customer should be able to have expectations of quality and service, to ensure we deliver on all we promised.

Insurance & Warranty

If something did happen to go wrong, we want you to know that you are working with a competent company and you shouldn't worry.  Our warranties are the best in the business and we back them for life.

At Advanced Exteriors, we provide the best insurance available.  Our general liability and workers compensation insurance are more than double the industry standard for coverage.

Considering A New Shingle Roof?

Shingle roofing is the most common type of roofing in the United States. With just a few adjustments or repairs, shingle roof systems may be able to have the life extended. Ventilation also plays a major role in the life span of a shingle roof.

Residential Roofing Specialists

Advanced Exteriors has been installing residential roofing in the El Paso area for many years. We believe we have developed a reputation for quality and can deliver a first class experience to every customer.